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Our policy for our doggy guests at Park House

We have a dog ourselves, Lily, and we love to take her away with us on cottage holidays, as do many of our guests, and she has a great time. It is always nice to meet any visiting dogs and we know they are an important part of any family.  

We always honour the doggy guidelines other cottage owners have in place and we respectfully request that our guests do the same both for us and our future guests.

Our guidelines for dogs are as follows:

1) We welcome two dogs free of charge. If a third small dog is accepted, there is a charge of £15 for a short break and £25 for a 7 night break. For breaks longer than 7 nights we will provide a bespoke charge.

2) An additional visiting dog may be permitted if only two are staying, but we request advance notice be given as a courtesy.

3) Dogs are not to be left alone in Park House at any time - crated or otherwise. This is to ensure your dog is not unsettled in his new surroundings or destructive in any way. If there is a special reason why this might not be possible it must be mentioned at the time of booking or well in advance of arrival so that we can give the request due consideration. If it comes to our attention that a dog has been left unattended, the booking may be cancelled with immediate effect.  

4) Dogs are not allowed upstairs. There is a utility room downstairs which is an ideal place for a dog to sleep, and we do allow a dog to go into the downstairs bedroom also. Keeping a dog downstairs at Park House is easy enough as there is a proper door at the bottom of the main stairs.

5) Dogs are not allowed on any furniture, not even on rugs.  

6) Any litter must be collected immediately and disposed of outside Park House.

7) Any excessive dog hair on the floor must be hoovered or swept up prior to departure.

If you are attending a local event or wedding and need a dog sitter while you will be out, please ask and we will let you know some options.

Many thanks for reading our dog guidelines. We look forward to welcoming your doggies to Park House!

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